A Value-Based Marketplace


Transparency & No Commitment

One of Sonder’s core missions is to bring visibility to the wholesale market, so to establish transparency among our users, and to be transparent in our pricing. With Sonder there is no yearly agreement, or no commitment of any kind.

simpler invoicing

Easy Communication

Sonder leverages today’s technology to improve the way businesses are connecting and communicating with one another through a negotiation chat system, RFQ cart, and transactions dashboard. 

A fully archived paper trail – right down to the chat – without the paper, that enables merchants to easily follow up the negotiation flow and view their transaction history.


Trust & Accountability

All our suppliers are verified and buyers need to qualify for payment terms to transact on our platform, so we provide peace of mind on both sides of the transaction. 

The whole negotiation flow is securely recorded in Sonder chat box so that you can review at any time the conversation details, sales requirements/limitations, change in price for agreed quantity, and delivery date.


Payment Security & Customer Support

Transaction payments are processed though Sonder, which acts as the moderator in case of dispute.

Building trust and relationships is the core of our business, and our Customer Success Team is here to answer any of your questions, and handle any issues that may arise.