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Pet Industry Trends & Takeaways from SuperZoo 2019

Super Zoo 2019 was filled with furry friends of all kinds plus super insights into the current state of the pet industry across all sides of the industry.

We dropped into Las Vegas for a few days to learn what the hot topics are in our industry. 

Here are a few of the core trends we identified at this year’s Super Zoo conference:


Soon after legalization CBD or Cannabidiol has hit the human-consumer market in a big way and is now making waves amongst our furry friends. From handmade biscuits and oils by Seattle, WA based Austin and Kat to bacon flavored treats by Bailey’s CBD out of Costa Mesa, CA, there is no shortage of emerging CBD products. 

CBD is one of the fastest growing segments of pet products as it is a healthy “alternative” that can calm anxious pets, provide relief to an aging pet, and even reduce inflammation in a pet with chronic ailments.

“All-Natural, Ethically Raised & Sourced” 

Although it may seem obvious in today’s health conscious movement, the millennial generation is holding off on starting families and putting more focus on their pets’ and their health. Suppliers like Open Farm are prime examples of ethically raised and sourced pet food on the market. 

As awareness spreads on the importance of sustainable practices on our environment as well as how whole ingredients directly correlate to a healthy lifestyle and longevity, we see more examples of natural ingredients for our furry family members.  

A few examples include: mercury-free fish, to farm-raised chicken, to antibiotic-free meat, to the inclusion of natural vitamins to balance pH and alkaline. Good, wholesome, healthy food isn’t just for the dinner table, it’s for the doggie bowl too.

Made in the USA

We saw a strong presence of American made products, and are even delighted to see a shift towards assembled in the USA over exclusively sourced overseas.  

From quality pet houses and structures, to rugged but elegant harnesses and collars, to even the finest wholesome food and health products (including CBD products), products made right here in the USA are here to stay.  

We at Sonder are proud to see this growing representation of American made products, and were delighted to speak with countless manufacturers to hear what values inspired them to offer the very best products for our animal family members – from furry to feathered.  

We are proud to be committed to starting our platform, made from the ground-up, for buyers right here in the USA.

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We had a blast at #SZ19 this year in Las Vegas 🔥🐱🐶 – Thx so much SuperZoo for hosting & can't wait for next year!#PetSupplies #Wholesale #PetIndustry

Posted by Sonder B2B Marketplace on Tuesday, August 27, 2019

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