Traditional B2B Wholesale is broken

The world-wide Internet has taken over nearly every aspect of our lives and has completely flipped the e-commerce landscape on its head. This has been largely fueled due to drawing consumers to purchase online, at scale, to Instagram finally enabling social commerce.

Despite the Internet’s transformative effect, the wholesale industry is still largely offline. Manufacturers and merchants are just starting to leverage today’s trusted technology and identifying prospects, connecting and negotiating online, versus the old way of waiting for opportunities to come to, chasing people at tradeshows, face-to-face meetings, and time-consuming vetting process on both sides.

In addition to the current financial and operational inefficiencies, operating offline can oftentimes be a black hole with little or no protection on each side of the transaction. 

Due to today’s advancements in e-commerce technology with platforms such as Stripe, PayPal, and Shopify, as well as order-inventory management and logistics solutions, merchants can now deploy omni-channel strategies to optimize their sales.  

What this also means is that any merchant of any size is more capable to compete at scale like never before. Allowing them to compete with large retailers as well as global markets. And it’s now time for suppliers and brands to jump on the bandwagon.

Introducing Sonder B2B Marketplace

These are consequently exciting times for wholesale suppliers and buyers, according to Frost & Sullivan B2B online sales will exceed $1.9 trillion by 2020.

Our mission at Sonder is to build the modern b2b marketplace that allows manufacturers and merchants of all sizes to safely connect within a secure and technologically advanced online platform.

We launched Sonder to provide stores and online merchants with a broad selection of verified suppliers and features like customized match-making where Sonder dynamically sources products that match buyer’s preferences. 

This drives the discovery of new product offerings without the need for travel or time-consuming sourcing for reliable suppliers, that would regularly be difficult to find in today’s fast-paced global environment.

Although Sonder strives to automate the supply chain and key areas of the B2B purchasing and supplier workflow, we understand the needs of the B2B stakeholders.

By providing a dedicated account manager as well as our semi-automated negotiation chat box, we’ve accounted for the right balance between technology and human input and support still needed to conduct successful wholesale transactions.

Ultimately Sonder is your centralized platform that handles all the cumbersome administrative work like credit verification, returns, refunds, payments, etc.

We focus on 100% merchant protection and security. In addition to the peace of mind brought by such an environment, suppliers are paid upfront, and merchants can enjoy our free 60-day payment terms, so that both parties can focus on what they do best, manufacturing and selling quality products.

If you’re either a small/medium size merchant looking to discover and source new innovative and/or better priced products, or a manufacturer or a supplier looking to expand your business visit us at Sonder.Market to learn more or contact us at [email protected]


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